ID Prediction #7

“If intelligent design played a role in the origin of life, but not subsequently, prokaryotic cells should carry amounts of genetic information that exceed their own needs or retain vestiges of having done so, and molecular biology should provide evidence of information-rich structures that exceed the causal powers of chance, necessity, or the combination of the two.”

One of the internal debates within the ID community is whether the action of the indeterminate intelligent designer occurred at a singular point of time in the past or whether it has been ongoing in continuing, or periodic episodes, throughout time. The former is sometimes called “front-loading”. Meyer makes it clear that he does not favor front-loading but has not yet provided details of how and when such action was taken. This prediction is intended to distinguish between front-loading and on-going.

The effectiveness of this prediction hinges on the ability to correctly perceive how an indeterminate intelligent designer would have designed life. The ID community typically chides critics for asking about the characteristics and nature of the designer, claiming that such knowledge is not needed. But now we must know something about what that designer would or wouldn’t do in order to evaluate this prediction. Since the intelligent designer is not available for independent observation and detailed study, this type of knowledge remains conjecture. Hence, this prediction may be useful for generating internal debate within the ID community but will do nothing to indicate scientific credentials.

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