Information and intelligent sources

Meyer has argued that complex specified information (CSI) necessarily comes from an intelligent source. Thus, his book emphasizes demonstrating that DNA information is CSI, and therefore must have come from an intelligent agent. I previously suggested that a better indication of an intelligent source of information is abstraction. Since CSI as defined by Meyer can include . . . → Read More: Information and intelligent sources

Historical causal analysis

In his book, Meyer seeks to show that ID offers a scientifically valid approach to inferring that an intelligent agent was responsible for the development of living systems. He acknowledges that Dembski’s explanatory filter is not sufficient to demonstrate such design causality. He appeals to the work of Charles Lyell, Charles Darwin, and Michael Scriven to . . . → Read More: Historical causal analysis

The Argument from Intelligence

The crux of Stephen Meyer’s argument in Signature in the Cell can be succinctly summarized in this syllogism:
1. DNA information is complex specified information (CSI)
2. All complex specified information is generated by intelligent beings
3. Therefore, DNA information was generated by an intelligent agent

The first sentence is amply documented in his book following the definitions laid out over . . . → Read More: The Argument from Intelligence

Signature in the Cell

Welcome to the ASA book discussion of Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer, published in the summer of 2009. This is a major work by Meyer, covering his extensive journey to solve what he calls the “DNA enigma” by which he means the origin of the DNA information that is ubiquitous in life. It is . . . → Read More: Signature in the Cell


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