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This post will be a catch-all for questions and comments about the operation of the ASA Voices blog (and the other ASA blogs). Please note that we are still finding our way as to what will serve the ASA best. If you have ideas or opinions about how we have done things so far, please let us know. I can’t promise that we’ll change because of your comment, but it will certainly be heard.

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  • Terry M. Gray

    @John Burgeson

    Burgy–my addition is meant to convey that the faith-science aspects are open for discussion. We have had papers on these topics published in PSCF and the focus has been rightly on faith-science aspects of those topics. Of course, these topics are quite volatile. But, if we’re just going to “debate” the merits of the Manhattan Declaration (or of culture wars, in general), I think we’ve strayed from the desired faith-science focus.

    I hope that you don’t really think that it’s just me setting the “rules” around here. Randy and the Council are involved and if I’m off-base on these “judgments” they will let me know. In fact, on these sorts of things I often consult with them. What we have found over the years is that on some of these hot button topics (as in some of the global warming discussions) that the discussion quickly devolves into the social dynamics of the American political scene. Thus, we are trying to keep the faith-science aspect of all our conversations center stage.

    Of course, we don’t want you to go away. But, we will ask that you take any debate that strays too far from the faith-science focus somewhere else.

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