Welcome and Some New Guidelines

Welcome to the ASA Voices, a group blog of ASA members. The intent of this blog is to provide a forum for thoughtful dialog on topics related to issues of science and faith. ASA members who have an ASA Online password are automatically registered and can submit comments to any posts after logging in. ASA members may register for a password. Moderators may remove all but the most relevant and helpful comments that reflect all sides as fairly as possible. Please review the ASA blog policy for more details.

We continue to experiment with the best way to encourage participation. All members of this blog currently have Contributor status. This means that you can create a blog post (rather than just make comments). To do this, first log in, then click on the Site admin link on the right panel, and then under the Posts heading at the top left, select Add New. An edit window comes up and you can type your post. Please  contribute a new post only when you are starting a new thread; otherwise keep Commenting on existing posts. Posts contributed in this way will be moderated, but I hope to have a moderation policy akin to what we had on the old email list, i.e. if it’s on-topic (faith-science) and respectful in tone, we will post it. If there seems to be an excessive delay in your post appearing, feel free to contact me by email (grayt at lamar dot colostate dot edu) to encourage me to get to your post.

Thanks for your participation and for your patience while we work the bugs out of this system.

5 comments to Welcome and Some New Guidelines

  • John Burgeson

    How do I start a new topic?

  • Randy Isaac

    Follow Terry’s instructions in the second paragraph of his post above. The only minor correction is that you first click on “site admin” towards the top of the right hand panel instead of “admin”. Then proceed as he outlines. Terry approves all submitted posts for new topics.

  • Terry M. Gray

    Thanks for the correction. It’s now been fixed.

  • Allan Harvey

    It would be nice if there were a way to “turn off” the feature where the original poster gets an email for each comment.

    My earlier comment on “Richard Dawkins: Good Scientist, Bad Philosopher” got turned into a post of its own, which was fine. But now I’m getting multiple emails a day of follow-ups for a discussion that has veered off the original topic. I’d rather just look at the blog site every day or two to see comments instead of getting these emails. Ideally this could be a check box where the author of the post gets to choose whether or not to get these notification emails.

  • Terry M. Gray

    @Allan Harvey

    Your comment illustrates some of the difficulties of all this. You seem to be fully adapted to the brave new world of Web 2.0. Some of our users are wanting to go back to the old way and so we are trying to come up with email based solutions for them. Your particular need is different from either of those and are the result of folks not recognizing that they are veering into a new topic. Sorry for the inconvenience of the emails. I am guessing that if the posts were on-topic, you wouldn’t mind get emails of comments. Please bear with us. I have moved the veered off comments to a new post. Also, since you are so savvy, I’d encourage you to set up some mail filters to deal with these sort of things. All my “asa3online.org” related email now goes to a separate mail folder that I only occasionally look at.

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