iPad as an ASA reader

This is an “on the lighter side” post but knowing how strongly people feel about their computers, cell phones, etc., it might generate lots of controversy.

Being the Apple fanboy that I am, I was a fairly early adopter of the iPad. I did wait a week, so managed to express a bit of restraint.

I’m finding that it is a wonderful book/text reader. I use a PDF/document reader app called GoodReader to access PDF documents on the web. The PDF versions of the ASA journal PSCF and the ASA Newsletter look great on this device with this app and are a delight to read. [This is the most relevant paragraph for ASA members!]

I’ve been curious and have wondered if there would be interest in publishing our materials in alternative electronic formats, say, ePUB or Kindle.

I use the iPad for other things as well. It’s great for web, email, listening to music, watching movies, watching Lost, the occasional Skype phone call, even remote control of networked Macs. Pictures are nice too, but my wife and kids are the photographers in our family. All my iPod touch apps work great too. MLB At Bat 2010 with live audio and a full video game of the day has been a bit of a temptation. Baseball’s such a huge time commitment–too bad I don’t have time for that. I’m close to giving nightly use of my laptop. Microsoft Office functionality (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are all available via the iWork programs, but I haven’t really jumped in to full-blown document creation yet. The main things I can’t do that I actually do are audio/video editing, making music with GarageBand, direct database access, web content creation.

Sorry if this sounded like an advertisement.

2 comments to iPad as an ASA reader

  • Richard Blinne

    How’s your wi-fi strength? Has the CSU campus IT complained about the DHCP lease release bug? When I tried the iPad at Best Buy I checked the NY Times and CNN videos that were supposedly HTML 5.0 compatible. They didn’t seem to work. (This is necessary ┬ábecause the iPad doesn’t support Flash.) Is the compatibility a “future” thing or was there just issues with the Best Buy setup?

  • Terry M. Gray

    Haven’t really noticed any of those problems, although they had been reported elsewhere. Not sure what’s with the Best Buy set up. HTML5 video has worked fine for me where it’s implemented. We did see an issue at the RamTech store on CSU’s campus with slow WIFI. This was fixed there when they upgraded the store access point to the 802.11n standard.

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