Share the impact that ASA has had on you

We would like to hear from you about the way in which ASA has helped you. Please share your thoughts by submitting a comment or sending an email to “bohemian at wendeeholtcamp dot com”. Help us by answering one or more of these questions:

• How has ASA made an impact in your life, your teaching, your career, your thought process regarding theology or faith, the Bible, your relationship with God, or anything else?
• Was here ever an article on the ASA website, in the God & Nature e-zine, or in the Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith journal that influenced your thinking or teaching? How?
• Do you recall any stories from one of the ASA annual conferences that was significant – a talk you heard or a connection you made that you wouldn’t have otherwise that influenced your career or your faith?
• How have you seen ASA impact culture in positive ways over the years?
• What role do you see the ASA playing in the future, and what role does it fill that other organizations don’t?

2 comments to Share the impact that ASA has had on you

  • Timothy Metz

    ASA has been a tremendous resource to me as I have developed an undergraduate college-level course focused on key aspects of the creation-evolution issue and on Christian approaches to origins questions.  With a plethora of very biased and logically flawed resources available via the internet, it is wonderful that ASA provides sincere, thoughtful and scholarly articles on creation-evolution issues written from Christian perspectives.  As a professor at a Christian university, I encounter faculty, staff and students with sincere questions pertaining to origins.  Very often, I recommend they visit the ASA website for resources.   I present origins issues from a Christian perspective in several courses, and always mention ASA as a useful resource for persons seeking more information.
    In my creation-evolution course, I have assigned at least 28 articles from issues of Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith for reading and reflective writing exercises.  Students find the Concordism dialogue sequence (Seely, Ross, Hill) spanning articles from March 2007 through March 2008 very illuminating and helpful (as well as Lamoureux’s March 2008 “Lessons from the Heavens”article.  Students also are impacted by Morton’s 2000 article, Transformation of a Young Earth Creationist.  Also helpful is Young’s 3-part series on radiometric dating (2006-2007), and Isaac’s RATE Project review (June 2007) and the follow-up author exchange between Isaac and RATE scientists (March 2008).

    ASA is distinctive in providing an arena for sincere, thoughtful and scholarly Christians to engage in polite, civil, and well-reasoned dialogue on origins issues in a quest for understanding. 

  • John Burgeson

    I consider my finding of ASA some 35 or so years ago as perhaps the greatest influence on dragging me away from fundementalism into a Christianity that encourages my mind as well as my spirit.

    Over the years I’ve written a few dozen book reviews for PSCF — each one (writing these) has caused me to stretch my mind. I am grateful to the founders (yes — even Henry Morris) and to the present crew that keeps ASA going.

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