The Search for the Historical Adam

ASA has long been at the forefront of major developing trends in issues of science and Christian faith. Part of our mission is to explore and understand new scientific advances and their implications for our faith. Since 1954, more than two dozen articles have appeared in our journal where “Adam” appears in the title. In the . . . → Read More: The Search for the Historical Adam

Darwin As a Stalking Horse for Pelagius?

It’s no secret that evolution has raised questions about Adam and Eve as historical figures, traditional beliefs about their fall into sin and its consequences, and the saving work of Christ. If humanity evolved via natural selection, it’s hard to see how the first humans could have been even potentially sinless, so they couldn’t have . . . → Read More: Darwin As a Stalking Horse for Pelagius?

ASA Origins Survey with Correction

Recently the ASA sent a poll to its members concerning origins. Roughly half responded. The ASA is a fellowship of professional scientists and technologists who are Christians. The American Geophysical Union did a similar poll concerning global warming and found a huge difference of opinion between climatologists and petroleum engineers with 97% of climatologists affirming anthropogenic . . . → Read More: ASA Origins Survey with Correction

Hamilton’s Rule

A recent poll of ASA members showed some interesting results.

1. 73% of Christian professionals in the sciences affirmed the following: “Plants and animals developed through evolutionary processes” (with natural and/or non-natural causes from ancestral forms)
2. 60% affirmed “Plants and animals developed through evolutionary processes with natural causes from ancestral forms.”
3. 61% affirmed “Biologically, Homo Sapiens evolved . . . → Read More: Hamilton’s Rule

Thoughts on Craig Venter’s Synthetic Cell

On May 10 ScienceExpress published on-line Craig Venter’s Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome. A talk by Venter given last year at is a good introduction to the work.

Venter’s achievement is remarkable and embodies two critical accomplishments–first, the use of a chemically (vs. biologically) synthesized chromosome. Venter’s chromosome had never . . . → Read More: Thoughts on Craig Venter’s Synthetic Cell

The Resignation of Dr. Bruce Waltke: Sad News for the Dialogue on Evolution

I am deeply saddened by the resignation from Reformed Theological Seminary of Dr. Bruce Waltke, renowned evangelical Old Testament scholar.   Apparently Dr. Waltke felt compelled to resign from the seminary after he stated on a video clip that he felt if evangelical churches don’t come to terms with data overwhelmingly in favor of the reality of . . . → Read More: The Resignation of Dr. Bruce Waltke: Sad News for the Dialogue on Evolution

Smithsonian Human Origins Initiative

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has announced its new Human Origins Initiative. Their website was launched yesterday. On Wednesday March 17 they will open the new David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins which features a major new exhibit on what it means to be human. As part of this initiative, the Smithsonian has . . . → Read More: Smithsonian Human Origins Initiative

BioLogos as alternative to terms EC or TE

Over at BioLogos there has been discussion of use of the term BioLogos rather than Evolutionary Creation or Theistic Evolution. This comes out not in the post but in the comments.

I chimed in with my thoughts:

I prefer to use the term Evolutionary Creation rather than Theistic Evolution for at least two reasons:
1. EC makes it . . . → Read More: BioLogos as alternative to terms EC or TE

Chromosome 2 Fusion

I’m going to pull these chromosome 2 fusion comments into a new post. Interestingly, everyone acts as if this is new data. This has been known for decades, as long as karyotype analysis and chromosome banding studies have been around. The sequencing data has merely confirmed more dramatically the argument for a . . . → Read More: Chromosome 2 Fusion

Godless Embryologists

Godless Embryologists:
An Origins Parable

Over the years, there has been a great deal of blood spilled, or at least ink spilled, over the creation science and origins debates. What follows is an “intelligently designed” attempt to illustrate the differences between various positions on origins, using a somewhat humorous but generally accurate parable. This is presented . . . → Read More: Godless Embryologists

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