Where’s the Rejoicing?

A few months ago Rich Blinne posted on the Voices blog a discussion of the BP Gulf oil spill entitled “Where’s the outrage?”–no doubt a warranted critique of evangelical Christians’ response to the human caused disaster. But now that the leak has been stopped–also due to human effort–I have wondered “Where’s the rejoicing?” Indeed, we had . . . → Read More: Where’s the Rejoicing?

Book review:”Fire, ice and paradise” & My progress

I’d like to call your attention to the above titled book by H. Leighton Steward, which is reviewed on my blog at
http://bricolagia.blogspot.com/2010/05/more-satisfying-view-of-anthropogenic.html. It seems that many geologists take a different view of AGW than climatologists, and their views should be taken into account.

Now about me: I’m making good progress. I am in my third cycle of . . . → Read More: Book review:”Fire, ice and paradise” & My progress

Where’s the Outrage?

Since I’m revisiting the BP spill disaster, you might assume from my title I’m talking about the President. I’m not. Rather, I’m talking about evangelicals in general and global warming skeptics in particular.

I’ve been debating global warming here for years because I believe that evangelicals have been manipulated by the energy companies and their political and . . . → Read More: Where’s the Outrage?

The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

By now you’ve all heard of the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico but my sense is the media (along with BP) is underplaying the scope and size of the disaster. Others like the Governor Perry set it as an “act of God”.

Perry questioned whether the spill was “just an act of God that occurred” . . . → Read More: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

The Environment and Poverty in Haiti

The picture above illustrates the extreme deforestation of Haiti. You can literally see the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic from space. How and why did this happen and what are its effects? Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the World with only 2% forestation. The reason why it’s that way is because the trees have been cut down for fuel and specifically to make charcoal because it’s one of the few commodities that can be sold to get the essentials of life. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. . . . → Read More: The Environment and Poverty in Haiti

Global Warming

Several comments in the general discussion have related to the global warming question. We’re going to move them here so that the topic is easier to find. This turned out to be one most controversial topics on the ASA email list during November and December of 2009. We recognize that there is a diversity of views . . . → Read More: Global Warming

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