Did God Create the Universe?

Sunday night the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel simulcast a CuriosityTV special on Stephen Hawking’s opinion of whether God created the universe, based on his book The Grand Design. The “eye of Hawking” seemed to pierce the depths of the universe as he pondered the meaning of existence.
Hawking concludes that God was not needed to . . . → Read More: Did God Create the Universe?

The Search for the Historical Adam

ASA has long been at the forefront of major developing trends in issues of science and Christian faith. Part of our mission is to explore and understand new scientific advances and their implications for our faith. Since 1954, more than two dozen articles have appeared in our journal where “Adam” appears in the title. In the . . . → Read More: The Search for the Historical Adam

ASA Origins Survey with Correction

Recently the ASA sent a poll to its members concerning origins. Roughly half responded. The ASA is a fellowship of professional scientists and technologists who are Christians. The American Geophysical Union did a similar poll concerning global warming and found a huge difference of opinion between climatologists and petroleum engineers with 97% of climatologists affirming anthropogenic . . . → Read More: ASA Origins Survey with Correction

Why these difficulties in the first place, Lord?

I am in the midst of an email discussion with a small group of Christians in another state who are beginning to consider how to integrate old earth and biological evolution into their Christian faith as they study the first chapters of Genesis together. They are asking me questions like “what have I come to believe . . . → Read More: Why these difficulties in the first place, Lord?

Smithsonian Human Origins Initiative

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has announced its new Human Origins Initiative. Their website was launched yesterday. On Wednesday March 17 they will open the new David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins which features a major new exhibit on what it means to be human. As part of this initiative, the Smithsonian has . . . → Read More: Smithsonian Human Origins Initiative

Godless Embryologists

Godless Embryologists:
An Origins Parable

Over the years, there has been a great deal of blood spilled, or at least ink spilled, over the creation science and origins debates. What follows is an “intelligently designed” attempt to illustrate the differences between various positions on origins, using a somewhat humorous but generally accurate parable. This is presented . . . → Read More: Godless Embryologists

Eugenie Scott at Colorado State University

On Monday, January 25, Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Biology Education (NCBE) spoke at CSU (promo blurb). A panel discussion followed on the state of science education with Dr. Scott, some CSU profs, and some local science teachers participating. I also had the opportunity to have breakfast with Dr. Scott the following morning. Here . . . → Read More: Eugenie Scott at Colorado State University

ID and Common Descent @ UcD

I thought this was an interesting post from UcD.

Many, many people seem to misunderstand the relationship between Intelligent Design and Common Descent. Some view ID as being equivalent to Progressive Creationism (sometimes called Old-Earth Creationism), others seeing it as being equivalent to Young-Earth Creationism. I have argued before that the core of ID is not about a . . . → Read More: ID and Common Descent @ UcD

Radiocarbon Dating

For those of you interested in radiocarbon dating, I’d like to draw your attention to an article that reports a significant milestone in the calibration curves for C-14 dating. The international working group INTCAL, which compiles the accepted calibration curve, has now extended the calibration curve from 26,000 years to 50,000 years, a major accomplishment. The . . . → Read More: Radiocarbon Dating

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