Does taking tests help students learn science?

A New York Times article ( based upon a recent Purdue study by Jeffrey D. Karpicke and Janell R. Blunt shows that when students take tests they learn science better than when they use study aids such as concept maps and other learning devices.

Purdue study abstract:

Educators rely heavily on learning activities that encourage elaborative . . . → Read More: Does taking tests help students learn science?

Faith-Based Hiring?

Astronomer Martin Gaskell has sued the University of Kentucky for discrimination based on religious faith when, in 2007, they bypassed him in favor of someone else to head their observatory. According to the NYTimes, the lawsuit alleges that Gaskell was denied the position on the basis of his religious beliefs. Martin and his wife have been . . . → Read More: Faith-Based Hiring?

Smithsonian Human Origins Initiative

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has announced its new Human Origins Initiative. Their website was launched yesterday. On Wednesday March 17 they will open the new David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins which features a major new exhibit on what it means to be human. As part of this initiative, the Smithsonian has . . . → Read More: Smithsonian Human Origins Initiative

Eugenie Scott at Colorado State University

On Monday, January 25, Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Biology Education (NCBE) spoke at CSU (promo blurb). A panel discussion followed on the state of science education with Dr. Scott, some CSU profs, and some local science teachers participating. I also had the opportunity to have breakfast with Dr. Scott the following morning. Here . . . → Read More: Eugenie Scott at Colorado State University

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